UNA-USA at Robert Morris University in Partnership with Books4Cause 2012 Book-Drive


The UNA-USA at Robert Morris University made the collective decision to turn their attention towards Education; more so the lack of literacy in other countries.  After much research the organization partnered up with Book4Cause. Books4Cause runs book drives and book donation campaigns which help fund and support various initiatives locally, nationally, and around the world.

As the project began to develop, the organization set up drop off locations throughout the campus. The word began to travel all through the hallways of Robert Morris University and the enthusiasm to be part of a good cause began to grow.

With each and every member on board, the organization began the book drive with a social mixer to promote the UNA-USA at Robert Morris University in partnership with Books4Cause book drive.  An abundance of students and faculty attended to enjoy food and drinks in addition to learning more about the organization from the members of the UNA-USA at Robert Morris University as well as the President of the Greater Chicago Chapter; Claudia Jaccarino.

Enthusiastic and supportive, a myriad of faculty and students eagerly participated. With the passing of time, drop off locations began to fill up with books for the citizens of Uganda.

Approaching the end of the book drive, UNA-USA at Robert Morris University ardently collected all the books to get a final count. With a projected goal of 500 books, it was a delightful surprise when the total amount of collected books came up to 2,213.  With the books counted and packed up, the UNA-USA at Robert Morris University could now deem their efforts successful.