Making Ten Libraries in Botswana


With the help of HSRI and the African Library Project we are getting ready to send ten thousand books making up ten libraries to Botswana.  These books will impact 3438 students at ten different primary schools.  I did a quick Google search to see if I could find any of these places on the map.  I was surprised when 7 of the ten places seemingly don’t exist on google maps.  I want to commend the African library project for finding these places and teaming us up with them.  The books will be going out in the middle of November and will arrive in their destinations in early March we will keep you posted.

Here is a list of the ten primary schools that will be getting books.  We could not have done it without you.

Oliphants Drift Primary School  – 424 students
Mmadipamo Primary School  – 405 students
Letsebe Primary School  – 402 students
Ramogotsi Primary School –  393 students
Pilane Primary School  – 392 students
Tlhaakgame Primary School –  330 students
Sikwane Primary School  – 326 students
Mabalane Primary School  – 274 students
Ramonaka Primary School  – 246 students
Ramotlabaki Primary School –  246 students