Our First iPad donation

We have begun our initial e drive pickups and we are happy to report that we have received our first iPad donation.  In addition to this iPad donation we have also received numerous cell phone, smartphone, and tablet donations.

photo (5)

iPad donations will go directly to the libraries in Africa.  The rest of the electronics will be resold or recycled responsibly.  We remove all data from the phone(s) and tablets if you have not done so, but it is always best to delete any personal information before you give your phone or tablet.  We resell most electronics if possible to pay for our operations in New York City, Chicago and Miami.  This allows us to continue creating more libraries in Africa and North America.

Our goal is to bring 100 iPads to Africa by 2015.  So we are no 1% of the way there.

If you are a school or business and would like to start and e drive it is super easy and can raise money for your school and help build libraries in Africa.