Donate your tablet and smart phone

HTC, Apple, Samsung, and all of the consumer electronics companies are continuously pumping out new devices.  Cell phone companies are enticing consumers to upgrade the phones and sign new 2 year contracts.

Often times what ends of happening is our old devices sit in our drawers gathering dust.  Companies now offer a buy back program where they will buy your working unbroken device.  If your device has a cracked screen or it won’t power on you may have trouble selling them.  Books4Cause is hoping that you will consider us to donate smart phones, tablets, e-readers, mp3 players, cameras, laptops and more.  

We will take your unused devices and turn them into libraries in Africa.  We are hoping that this will help us grow and to maintain our company for generations to come.  We hope to develop tablet programs in Africa helping to bridge the electronic divide.  We are also working on a local program in America bringing technology training to the inner cities.