Books4Free Program in Skokie

Whoever says you can’t get anything for free hasn’t visited our FREE Bookstore in Skokie.  All of the books on our shelves are free for you to take.  These books have been saved from the landfills and are waiting for a good new home.  We are not revolutionary.  We have found two other Free Bookstores.  There is The Bay Area Free Book Exchange in San Francisco and the Book Thing in Baltimore.

Here is a sample of some of the books.

photo (3)


These books are all relevant and in great condition.  You could pay $6.00 for a copy of Lovely Bones on Amazon or you can pick it up for free at Books4Free bookstore in Skokie, IL.  You could pay $12 for the kindle ebook copy of My Losing Season by Pat Conroy or you can pick it up for free at Books4Free.

Here are some other books that are for Free:

The House of Sand and Fog

The Nany Diaries

We have popular books from Steven King, Clive Barker, Michael Chrichton, Faye Kellerman, Danny Devito, and more.

We also have a select number of CDs, DVDs, and games.  We are also stocked with children’s books.  Why go to halfprice books or Barnes and Noble when you can come to us for free.

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