Book Donation to Baden Academy

We were very happy to be able to assist Baden Academy setting up a library in their charter school in Pennsylvania.  Baden Acadmey’s mission is to inspire personal excellence by cultivating the inherent gifts and talents present in all children by providing a curriculum which integrates the arts and sciences in a highly interactive, hands-on environment resulting in outstanding academic and personal achievement. We will emulate the classical rigor that will create a small, scholarly society of renaissance thinkers who value our humanity and our environment.

Our mission is to provide educational opportunities to those in need.  A lot of time we look outside our country and forget that there are many in need right here in our own backyard.  It sometimes feels better to be able to assist those in foreign countries as it seems more glamorous.  While assisting our brothers and sisters overseas we don’t want to forget those in our own backyard.

We feel honored and privileged to be able to be doing this work and accept the great responsibility of your trust to ensure that we make a positive impact.  Below is the text from Baden Academy:


MARCH 7, 2013


                                                                                                                                                                                  3415 Madison Street
                                                                                                                                                                    Skokie, IL 60076

Dear Yoseph:

On behalf of the Board, faculty, staff, families, and students of Baden Academy Charter School, I want to thank you for your unprecedented donation of books to our library.

As a new school, we have a special appreciation for things that long-established school may sometimes take for granted. Your generous contribution is already having an enormous impact on our learning community. In addition to providing our students with access to quality books, your belief in our school offers inspiration to our faculty and staff. Knowing that there are people and organizations such as yours that are willing to invest in our mission gives us tremendous confidence. It is so good to know that we are not alone in our commitment to giving our students the very best!

I also want to extend our sincere gratitude to one of our valued parents, Mrs. Patricia Cheek. Her desire and dedication to connect Baden Academy and Books4Cause speaks volumes about her belief in our school. Regardless of the amount of resources, talent, and experience available to it, no school can be successful without the personal investment of the parents and families it exists to serve. Again, Patty’s commitment to Baden Academy is paying dividends to every single member of our learning community.

Thank you again for generosity. I wish Books4Cause much continued success for many generations to come.

Very truly yours,

Stephen Catanzarite, MSE

Chief Executive Officer