Books4Cause Global: Updates from Malawi and Botswana

One of Books4Cause’s main goals is to improve access to education and books for people across the world. That’s why we work with the African Library Project, which does the vital on-the-ground work of building libraries in schools of all levels. Recently, we’ve sent books to help build the following libraries: Kalkfontein Primary School, Botswana KarakubisContinue reading “Books4Cause Global: Updates from Malawi and Botswana”

Party this Sunday at the Free Library–You’re Invited!

Books4Cause signed a year-long lease on our Avondale spot, which means we are officially here to stay! To celebrate our more permanent status, we will be throwing a family-friendly party this Sunday, 6/13, from 12:30 pm – 5 pm. We will have free coffee from Slurping Turtle Cafe, live music from Michael’s Music Machine, and,Continue reading “Party this Sunday at the Free Library–You’re Invited!”

Poetry Day at the Avondale Library!

Celebrate National Poetry Day tomorrow, April 29th, with Books4Cause at the Avondale Library! We have a full table of poetry books for kids, young adults, and adults alike, so we’ve got something for everyone. We also will have fun giveaways, including mystery Pocket Poems! These are poems by local Chicago poets, packaged in cute envelopes.Continue reading “Poetry Day at the Avondale Library!”

Monthly Book Pickups: NYC, Philadelphia, St. Louis, & Milwaukee

We are now offering monthly book pickup dates for Philadelphia, St. Louis, New York City, and Milwaukee. Our book pickup service is an easy and convenient way to donate books. You don’t need to worry about bringing books to a donation drop-off site; we will come to your home and office and pick them upContinue reading “Monthly Book Pickups: NYC, Philadelphia, St. Louis, & Milwaukee”