donate books in Chicago

Chicago book donations

We are offering free book donation pickups in the Chicago area. If you are interested visit our form to donate your books in Chicago. We will visit your home, office, or apartment.

This service is completely free and we do all of the heavy lifting. This service is running all year round in rain or snow, sunshine or hail. We generally do pickups once every one or two weeks depending on the demand. Once we have reached our threshold of donations we will contact you and set up a time.

The most ideal scenario is if you can leave the books out for us. This helps with the logistics of planning the pickup schedule.

The books that are picked up are sorted to be sent to Ghana. Those that can’t be sent are sold to pay for the cost of shipping, or sent to other worthy organizations in the Chicago area. If you are interested in becoming a recipient of books please visit our book donation recipient partner page.