Donate Previous Editions of Textbooks

Recycle books

Every year, hundreds of teachers across the country are confronted with the question of what to do with out-of-date textbooks. In some cases, these books have been updated with slight corrections or new pieces of knowledge, but overall the updates are often unnecessary for those seeking a core understanding of the subject at hand.

In these cases, most often throw their textbooks away, or recycle them. The better alternative is to focus on reusing instead of recycling. Donate your textbooks to educational charities like our own or some others in your neighborhood. The American Library Association has a tremendous list of different organizations that accept book donations. If you are in the Chicago area we organize free pickups of books and we visit college campuses across the country running book drives.

Whether supporting learning at home or abroad, if you’re looking for a way to get rid of old books donate textbooks to educational institutions who are often striving to improve the world while being strapped for cash. By donating your used textbooks to educational charities, you can make a choice that helps support international learning.