Volunteer Opportunities at Avondale

At Books4Cause, we strongly believe in the values of community engagement and mutual aid. In order to increase community involvement, we’ve decided to launch a volunteer project. In addition to donations, this is another way to support us in our goal of redistributing books. 


This past Monday, we had our first two volunteers come in to help us get started. Each volunteer signed up for a 1-hour time slot, which they spent assisting our librarian prep books for the shelves. Many of the books that are donated to us are put back out on our shelves for someone else to enjoy, but before they can be shelved, they need to be sorted, organized, and stickered. Volunteers helped to separate the books by category and sticker them so that Molly could get them quickly out on the shelves and into the community. The volunteers together prepped over 7 boxes of books! Thank you, Evan and Isabela!


We are looking for more volunteers to come help us out, especially as we see an increase in people coming to get books around the holiday season. If you are interested in volunteering with Books4Cause, fill out the form on our website to let us know your availability and contact information, and Molly will be in touch with you shortly.


We are only allowing one volunteer per one-hour slot to ensure that we can keep up social distancing practices, and as always, volunteers are required to wear masks at all times while inside.