Visions of Spring Cleaning

iStock_000013553817_SmallTime to tackle the insurmountable pile of junk we have gathered from Dollar Stores, Target, Walmart, Best Buy, and Amazon.  A collaboration of memories, daydreams, visions, experiences, happy times, and sad.  A melting pot of stuff, junk, valuables, nicknacks, and trinkets.

Like hunting and gathering, we go out in our materialistic lives and gather objects of purpose, tools, and symbols from our daily ritual of capitalistic enterprises of this American Dream.  We keep the engines of capitalism running with our last minute purchases and temptation shopping fueled by the advertising industry.  We gather these objects of fortitude into our homes and hope that our lives will now be changed as we have purchased the latest and greatest.  A small percentage of these objects become useful to us and integrated into our daily use.  The rest become hopes and dreams of a better life or a long lost vision of free enterprise when nomads wandered the ancient trails of a forest walk littered with specimins of foggy paridise.

We now put on our overalls, muster the strength to tackle all of these entities of Chinese manufactured polymers of plastic and steel.  We try to channel our inner Martha Stewart and feed the landfills of our greed and hasty decisions.

In our mind the idea that this object has meaning to someone somewhere in the world  holds us back from making the ultimate sacrifice.  We either go into self destruct or self denial.  We either say to hell with it and show unconditional love to the landfill Gods or we curl up in a ball and cover ourselves in a blanket of stuff.

There is a middle road.   There are some organizations that can take your hasty decisions and turn them into other people’s hasty decisions.  There are some organizations that take your dusty old stuff and turn them into dreams of hope and opportunity.  Your old children’s books gathering dust hold memories of a time when you and your child curled up in a bed and bonded over words, stories, characters, pictures, ideas, morals, concepts, laughter, and happy endings. The magical moment when your child first started to read.  When their small delicate finger following along and not your big chubby digits.  A time when their innocence was a lamp in your heart.

Now is the time to provide this opportunity to rural communities in Africa.  Communities of potential Doctors, lawyers, engineers, and scientist.  Communities of children were hope is something that is within the grasp and where you can make a real impact.

So go ahead fill out our form to donate books.  We will create new opportunities for these books and get them into the hands of children that will cherish them like it is their own soul.