Books are on Their Way

Ten Libraries on their Way to Botswana Impacting Over 3000 Children

With the Help of the African Library Project 15,000 books are on their way to Botswana.  They will be divided into ten libraries impacting over three thousand children at various primary schools in the Kgateleng region of Botswana.  Thank you to all that have donated these books and thank you to all of the Books4Cause employees and volunteers who have worked tirelessly sorting and packing the books to be shipped overseas.

We feel so blessed and fortunate to be given the opportunity to make a real positive impact in the world.  Our goal is to work towards giving every child an equal opportunity for success.  Success should not be determined by the geography of where one is born, family circumstance, skin color, or societal expectation. Every person has a right to succeed and we hope we can contribute to that right by providing books and educational materials for people from all walks of life.

Here’s to many more libraries and more positive impact in the world!


Libraries receiving new books:

Oliphants Drift Primary School  – 424 students
Mmadipamo Primary School  – 405 students
Letsebe Primary School  –  402 students
Ramogotsi Primary School  –  393 students
Pilane Primary School  –  392 students
Tlhaakgame Primary School  –  330 students
Sikwane Primary School  –  326 students
Mabalane Primary School  –  274 students
Ramonaka Primary School  –  246 students
Ramotlabaki Primary School  –  246 students