Volunteer – Help build libraries in Africa

A book can take us on a life changing journey- now help that book take a journey that can change someone else’s life…

Please fill out the form to get started

Who is this for?

We welcome everyone of all ages and abilities.

What work are you doing?

There is lots of work to do! The work varies depending on what we are working on. Some of the tasks are sorting and leveling the books, counting and boxing books, putting bookmarks into books, stocking the book store.

Can I drop in?

Yes! While we encourage you to fill out the form so we can plan accordingly we would still be happy to see you regardless. For larger groups of more than 5 fill out the form.

Your Schedule Doesn’t work for me do you have any other time slots?

Once you are trained and know more of the work that we are doing we can be more flexible to work with your schedule. We can also set up a special training that is not listed in these hours.