Why Electronic Donation

Thank you for your interest in the Books4Cause book pickup and electronic donation.  Books4Cause has been operating on campuses and in the Chicago metro/NY/NJ area since 2009 turning unwanted extra books into African libraries.

We are structured as a for profit social venture.    This means that around 10% of all books donated are sold on the open marketplaces.  This helps pay for all of the operations and allows us to continue doing good in the world. We don’t take government grants and donations and we pay our taxes.  We don’t have anything against non-profits as many of them do amazing work.  It is more of a philosophical choice for us to do something positive in the world that also can operate and function as a business.   Unfortunately the NY/NJ and Chicago pickups are not profitable.  Picking up books is very complex especially for a small business like ourselves.  There is a lot of overhead with cars, drivers, insurance, gas, tolls, and parking.

In order to qualify for a free book pickup you must donate either $35 to the African Library Project or a smart phone, tablet, e-reader, or laptop.    We will accept your electronic even if is no longer working or the screen is cracked.  We are working with a large distributor and they will make sure all your private information  is wiped clean.

Set up a book or electronic pickup now.