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The Books4Schools program works with US-based charter schools, existing school libraries, and other organizations to find good homes for books.  In our mission to support literacy in impoverished areas, we feel that it’s important to include our local community in addition to national and global initiatives.

Areas of Operation:

Currently, we service schools in the Midwest and Northeast.

If you are a school or organization that has a need for books, please contact us.


Oscar de la Hoya Charter High School – 1000 books (2013)

Provisio East High School – 150 books (2013) given to teen parents

Baden Academy – 5000 books (2013)

Cheder Lubavitch – 200 books (2013)

Science Academy of Chicago – over 1000 books (2012)

Bernie’s Book Bank- over 1000 books (2012)

Charles H. Houston School – 250 books (2012)

BetterBoys Organization – 150 books for 180 children (2012)

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