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Books4Cause has begun an exciting new chapter in its life..

We are furthering our goal of providing economic opportunities globally.  Our new project Ipads for Africa is to get 100 iPads in to schools and libraries in Africa.  Our goal by 2015 is to bring 100 iPads to some of the primary schools in Botswana.  A lot of the details may change as we solidify our partners and work out the logistics of bringing expensive electronic equipment to Africa.  The distribution process will be well thought out and planned.  More details will be forthcoming.

On our visit to Botswana we were surprised by the technological proficiency of some of the younger students and the excellent infrastructure that exists in Botswana.  However there is a sore lack for computers, and tablets with fun and engaging educational games and learning tools.

In one of the schools that we visited there was a computer lab, where students were engaged and excited.  The software they were using was outdated and boring, but showed us the opportunity to make something exciting happen in these schools.

We have begun accepting electronics such as smart phones, e-readers, laptops.

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