Reflections On Guns, Germs, and Steel

So far 100 pages into this book.

When looking back at history we see the warring gene in our human race is what has evolved.  The ones offering peace to the incoming conquest were slaughtered.    When will we understand the universal axiom to accept one another and to celebrate and respect each others differences and diversity.

One can pervert good intentions of spreading the belief in one God.  When one has to result to violence, death, murder, and genocide it is probably the wrong way to go about doing it.

It’s all about the Kiddush Spread.  If there was lots of food people could use their time in other ways than to hunt and gather food.  Craftsmanship, technology, discovery, politics are born.

For me, Books4Cause is trying to equalize the playing field.  So many of our brothers ans sisters have been left behind and we need to do everything we can to pick them up.

Guns Germs and Steel is a pulitzer prize winning book.  It discuses the real reasons why certain nations/regions ended up being the conquerors and colonizers.