Donate Books to Ghana and Educate a Country

book drive for Ghana

Ghana desperately needs your donation of books and supplies. Accra, the largest city and capital of Ghana is home to almost 2 million residents. Another 2 million live nearby on the outskirts. This represents almost 20% of the total population of Ghana. An under-developed infrastructure, low productivity, and insufficient capital have hindered well-meaning government attempts to tackle the education crisis in the country effectively. It has fallen upon the good will and shoulders of outside agencies such as and its partner organization, Human Services Resources Inc (HSRI) to funnel donated books and educational supplies into the school classrooms and libraries. With a literacy rate of only 58% (49.8% female), Ghana falls to a dismal #186 in the comparison list of world countries. is a Chicago-based organization that was created in 2006 to collect books and other donations for overseas distribution. Accra, Ghana, has been identified as desperately in need of textbooks, reference books, and educational books for nursing, healthcare, law, and technology. By conducting book drives and campaigns, the company then sells some books online raising money towards building a combination library/media center in Ghana as well as costly shipping expenses. It costs approximately $1000 to ship 60 boxes or $10,000 for a sea container of books, supplies, and computers.

Books4cause offers to pick up books from your local book drive and individual donors at no charge, especially those in the Midwestern area. Schools, churches, or private charities who wish to participate simply need to collect as many good-condition books as possible and call for local pick-up. Of course, donated money is greatly appreciated and volunteers are cherished. Working in close conjunction, HSRI, the partner organization, runs the “Good Books for Africa” program and to-date has placed more than 300,000 books in Ghana’s schools. That may seem like a lot, but when one thinks about 10-12 students sharing each textbook, it is easy to see that many, many more are needed. is reaching out to elementary, secondary, and higher level institutions as well as private individuals who might consider offering their own book drive to support the valuable work of these organizations. Furnishing school classrooms can make a tremendous difference in the learning experience for the young people of Ghana. Educating the youth of this country will have lasting benefits that spread far beyond each child’s newly opened door to the future. Help the children of Ghana. Help today.