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The mission of this project is to re-purpose advanced level books that are no longer being used at American Universities to other institutions around the world.

The Nuts and Bolts:

The life span of a book can be really short.  After 2-3 years an Algebra book is no longer used as a new version has come along.  Even though algebra hasn’t changed much for hundreds of years the information is thought to be outdated.  There are many Universities around the world that can really use these books.  It is our goal to collect these “outdated” books and ship them to countries around the world.  We create specific libraries in various subjects as detailed in the form below. This way the Universities will receive only the books that are needed and won’t produce unnecessary waste.  Each shipment is between 50-100 books.  If you want more books than please fill out the form below and we will be in contact.  The books are shipped to most countries around the world.  You have to be at an accredited university and be part of the staff.  Even if you are at an American University you are still eligible to receive these books.

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